ACCELERA Standard Series

Accelera standard systems feature proprietary resins throughout for a fast-installing, high performance floor system. Standard systems include decorative vinyl chip and quartz broadcast designs, solid color boadcast systems for more industrial applications, and a smooth high-gloss system for a showroom appearance. 

ACCELERA Hybrid Series

Accelera hybrid systems feature the same design options as the standard systems with the added feature of a high-moisture tolerant and self-priming cementitous urethane basecoat. Hybrid systems are the ideal choice for fast installations needed in new construction, installing over concrete as new as 5 – 7 days old.

Dur-A-Flex’s Accelera flooring systems offer a unique combination of fast installation and high performance designed to meet the needs of today’s 24/7 operations. Its innovative chemistry allows Accelera to deliver the same high performance features as traditional seamless flooring, but without the lengthy installation process and odor.

Seamless resinous flooring has long been the perfect solution for many applications offering excellent chemical and stain resistance, outstanding wear characteristics and minimal maintenance. However, traditional systems offer longer cure times and odor that can make installations in 24 hour, 7 day a week operations nearly impossible. Accelera flooring systems are designed specifically for application in these non-stop facilities.


Restaurants, Grocery, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Mfg, Retail 

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