HYBRI-FLEX Series E Utilizes our epoxy topcoats in applications where you need:

 • An economical and cost effective floor solution 

 • Stain and wear resistance 

 • Impact resistance

Hybri-Flex EQ A decorative color quartz system available in blended and solid colors and in twogrades: Q28 (fine) and Q11 (coarse). Hybri-Flex EC A decorative chip system available in standard and custom (Macro only) blended colors and in two sizes: Macro and Micro. Hybri-Flex EB A natural quartz system utilizing neutral-colored aggregate with pigmented coatings. Quartz is available in available in two grades: Flintshot (fine) and Q-Rok (coarse). Hybri-Flex ES A smooth finish system utilizing solid color resins with our wear resistant Armor Top® coat.

Typical Uses

Pharmaceutical, Chemical Industries, Comercial Kitchen, Parking Garage, Loading Dock.

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