POLY-CRETE® HIGH PERFORMANCE POLYURETHANES . Poly-Crete is a seamless,100% solids, aromatic, cementitious urethane concrete coating system with a natural quartz aggregate broadcast that provides a slip-resistant, gloss finish. Its coefficient of thermal expansion is similar to concrete, making it very resistant to thermal shock.  Highly resistant to chemicals and food acids.  Use with Poly-Crete Color-Fast topcoat for UV resistance that ensures color stability under most lighting systems.  Integrate into a Dur-A-Flex cove system for a completely seamless floor. Poly-Crete is recommended for applications where wet processing, chemical contamination and high temperature cleaning is carried out. Poly-Crete systems offer a notable advantage in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, meeting strict food safety guidelines.

Typical Uses

Pharmaceutical, Chemical Industries, Commercial Kitchen, Parking Garage, Loading Dock.

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